Santa Giulia Bay

41° 31'.4 N 09° 16'.6 E  Santa Giulia Bay, Corsica

Mooring buoys are provided in Santa Giulia, we just floated on up and announced ourselves on VHF 9, the staff will come to your assistance in their tender, help you to tie-on and take your cash (€30 for our 11.7m boat. You can reserve in advance, we aren't nearly that organised but it is highly recommended this time of year).

On the far side of the bay are a small collection of holiday resorts and therefore some good-looking restaurants. We hitched our tender to Moby Dicks private pontoon and stopped for a fresh juice, but otherwise ignored the restaurants in favour of just chilling on our boat. 

The morning was a gem. Gliding the paddle boards along the coastline among the giant grey stones and twinkling blue clear water. It's so warm around this SE corner of Corsica that falling in the tepid water is far from breathtaking, the only thing taking your breathe away is the view! 

Charlie x