Levazzi Islands

41 20'.2N 09 15'.1E Lavezzi Island, Bonefacio Straight 

For all our Jersey crew, imagine a larger version of the Les Ecrehous, crawling with tourists. As we were scoping out the busy situation we scored big time as another boat departed leaving us with their anchor spot, which seem to be as rare as hens teeth. 

We ate, watching the tourist ferries snake their way through the maze of pleasure boats in the gorgeous azure waters, then threw the paddle boards over the side for the second time that day and went exploring. 

Neither of us were comfortable sleeping at our anchorage, so it was a quick sail into Sardinian waters... and the Maddelena Islands. 

Charlie x 

The shipwreck behind the memorial...

In 1855 some 773 french troops were onboard La Semiillante, a ship on its way to the Crimean War. Off Levazzi, a gale overcame the vessel. Not one man made it to the safety of the rocks. Over the days that followed, the bodies that washed up on the beach were in such terrible condition that only one man, an officer, could be identified, so the graves in the cemetery are not named but a list of names is honoured on a plaque. The whole tragedy unfolded infront of islands sole inhabitant, the islands shepard, a leper who had the hideous task of recounting the horrors he witnessed.