Porto-Vecchio, Corsica

41° 35'.39 N 09° 17'.16 E  Porto-Vecchio, Corsica

Porto-Vecchio is a vibrant, whizzy little marina. There are pleasure boats everywhere and everyone seems to want to do come, go and moor up in a hurry. That is except the marina staff who were having a water fight when we arrived (it was about 35 degrees!). When they did guide us to a berth, dripping and giggling they were helpful and friendly. 

There was a strong breeze the day after we arrived and we sat in the cockpit and watched numerous boats not quite getting it right. We watched one powerful yacht, with bow thrusters (which should make berthing easier) pull the cleat clean of the pontoon! It made us feel slightly reassured we weren't completely inept. We are learning. 

Its a steep uphill to the old town which bustles with tourists, largely families on their summer holidays. It all caters to tourism, you get the impression nobody around was a resident, except the shopkeepers, it's all holiday makers enjoying mojitos. There was a DJ in the town square, under the glowing clocktower, so we pulled up a pew and watched the well dressed bachelors preparing to hit the nightclubs, waitresses trying to remember who's cocktail went where and families, teenagers and toddlers alike, all enjoying their time together in the humid night air. 

The following morning the Douane showed up. We are registered in Jersey, which is outside of the EU and VAT exempt, so we have restrictions on how long the boat is allowed to be in EU waters. A little daunting when they come knocking but four burly men in uniform wasn't a terrible way to start the day. We showed them our paperwork and (huge sigh of relief) they were happy with it all and let us continue on our merry way to Santa Giulia bay. 

Charlie x