40° 54'.9 N 09° 31'.6 E  Olbia, Sardinia

We settled in Olbia and as predicted the winds came a'howling the next morning. Olbia marina is big, shiny and new. It’s not on top of the tourist activities or sights but they have an (air-conditioned) mall just around the corner with an enormous supermarket.

It seems to be a prime departure point for sailing holiday charters as it’s close to an airport. Fly in, stock up for the week onboard & set sail! 

We took the marina’s free shuttle service across the bridge to the old town of Olbia and had a gander. It was largely closed and quiet so we had an ice-cream. I found a shoemaker who made leather sandals to fit, Cinder's was very happy.

When we tried to return to port there was no shuttle available, too much wind means lots of stuck sailors doing the same thing, so we asked the local policeman for a taxi number and he generously called one for us. It was a painful €20 just to go across the bridge, no wonder everyone appreciates the marina shuttle. 

Forecast is for five days of high winds, we need some down time anyway so we will spend the next couple of days restocking the boat, cleaning, maintenance, napping, reading and staying out of the sun. Then go exploring later in the week.

Charlie x