Exploring overland Sardinia; Alghero & Bosa

40° 33'.7 N 08° 18'.8 E  Alghero, Sardinia

Its blowing a hoolie so we’ve got some snazzy wheels! We travel everywhere at 6 knots so driving a car again is positively productive to us. It’s also melting outside, about 34 'balmy' degrees daily, we are in awe of the air-con. 

We jumped in our little black beauty, a VW Polo, and headed across the island to Alghero, on the opposite coast to Olbia Marina where we are moored. It was dreamy to drive the dusty highway, checking out the landscape of Olive fields, Vines and Mediterranean forest. 

Alghero was bustling with tourists, it has a sweeping long beach and a meandering old town. We picked the wrong restaurant to eat at, it happens.

After a stroll we drove the coast road, a stunning cliff drive of emerald waters and sweeping views. We whizzed past a collection of parked cars but where where the people? It intrigued us enough to turn around and investigate. We discovered a very pretty, & very packed, beach down a steep walking track. We found enough space on the sand to place half a towel and spent the hottest part of the afternoon playing in and out of the warm sea. 

Back in our Batmobile we drove to the small town of Bosa. On arrival in town we headed straight up to the castle, the road looked like a private drive but we took it anyway and were pleasantly surprised we could drive right up to the top. Too hot for the climb today. From the top the vista of the river down the valley was beautiful. The river sweeps around Bosa so we parked across the bridge and walked into the town of narrow old streets. We stumbled upon a gentleman serenading church occupants in an elaborately decorated italian church. No matter where you are in italy, there is always a beautifully crafted and kept church. In fact the whole Mediterranean we've traveled so far has been filled with these architecturally, divinely beautiful buildings and the door is often open. After-all the church historically had the funds to employ the best craftsman from near and far. 

En route back to Olbia that evening Agriturismo Agrisole was calling our name, we called and they could fit us in. Agriturismo are small holdings of land which usually have guest accommodation and serve food which is local and grown off the land. €35 gets you a set dinner and a jug of local red wine, there is no menu, you get given whatever Sardinian infused morsel Monica has cooked for the evening. You won’t be disappointed. Plates of food just pour out of the kitchen and onto the table. You can ask for more. You won’t need to. We were full to the brim.  

Charlie x