Archipelago La Maddalena

41° 12'.7 N 09° 24'.3 E  La Maddalena, Archipelago La Maddalena, Sardinia

From Corsica, via the Levazzi Islands for lunch, we sailed into Sardinian sea's and the national park archipelago of La Maddalena Islands. 

The archipelago is zoned, with different restrictions in different areas, so don't just go dropping that anchor willy nilly, or a fishing line for that matter. All the park info a salt gypsy could need is available

All vessel's require a permit for each 24 hours you want to spend loitering in the park. You can buy them online, from the roaming rangers who will inevetably come a knocking on your hatch, or in advance from relevant tourism offices where the give you a discount reward for being a kick arse economical, all sailing, all dancing, vessel.   

La Maddalena town was our first port for the night in the archipelago. A small port town, humid and bustling with tourists. It had a carnival atmosphere, local performers on the main stage, ice creams and churros being devoured, market stalls filled with tourist knick-knacks; everyone was pretty darn jovial. 

Charlie x