Cala Santa Maria

41° 17'.6 N 09° 22'.4 E  Cala Santa Maria, Santa Maria Island, Sardinia

Gosh darn it, you are so immeasurably pretty La Maddelena Islands!

Firstly, you deliver a white sand bottom, which allows my anchor to dig into you and grip like Elnett on a ballerina bun. Then you mesmerise my mermaid, salt water gypsy soul with your insanely addictive blue. Blue. Blue...

Your water is tepid and your overpriced ice creams are delivered by RIB.

Then, like salted caramel at Christmas, you top off the whole panorama with the pleasure of a pantone sunset, sipping Moscow Mules on the bow with my Boo. 

Life you are setting some high standards today. My copper cup runneth over...

Charlie x