Port de Taverna, One Very Clean Beach!

42° 20'.4 N 09° 32'.49 E  Port de Taverna (Campoloro), Corsica

An awesome days sailing. We left at the crack of dawn to get in as many miles as possible. Out of the marina at first light we were granted a force 4 from behind, set the sails and cruised along at a steady 6 to 7 knots all day. It was ideal, seven hours flew by without so much as a tack in sight (although we did have to dodge a floating fridge at one stage). Come 4p.m we had a choice, stop for the night at Port Taverna or push onto the next marina which was a few hours away, with the wind threatening to pick up and no anchoring options along the way, we decided not to push our luck and retired to Port Taverna for the night. 

The marina staff were welcoming, although they lifted the 'slime line' too early and it caught in our prop, cutting the engine. We were instantly stressed. Thankfully with a bit of jiggling they managed to free it and it all seemed to work as it should again. 

Port Taverna's claim to fame is that is has, admirably, been awarded Europe's cleanest beach. Partly due I imagine to the lack of people around, but a noble feat all the same. 

They also had the best little market shop I ever been in, an eccentric little store, wooden crates as shelves, one of everything, cash only and a record player in the corner (he wasn't trying to be hip I assure you). It was simple and it worked.

Charlie x