Bay of San Ciprianu, Corsica

41° 37'.7 N 09° 21'.8 E  Golfe de San Ciprianu, Corsica

Following our stay in Port Taverna we continued along the Corsican coast south, as we got closer to Porto-Vecchio the waterways got busier than we'd seen since the French Riveria. There were jet ski's, parasails, sails and motorboats whizzing around everywhere. Its an affluent area around here and there are pleasure boats a plenty.

The beaches looked stunning so we started with the bay of San Cipriano. We anchored in 5m depth with a good holding on a sandy bottom. The water was so clear it was hard not to think we were too shallow, but we trust our depth gauge, the charts and chucked on the snorkels and checked the clearance ourselves just to be sure. 

Some poor bloke's yacht wasn't floating anymore, it was washed up on the beach. With the help of friends, rope and another boat he was relentlessly, but unsuccessfully, trying to re-float it. I felt for him. 

We ate, showered and read under the stars, falling asleep to the sound of Cicadas and lapping water. 

Good night, Charlie x