Epic Day

 43° 47.086' N 7° 33.625' E  Anchored somewhere near Latte

*Epic Thank you goes to Max & Matt who are both legends, behind a lens and otherwise. x .

From Monaco we headed east, passed from France into Italy with a quick change of the flag, and anchored close to a place called Latte. We didn’t even step foot ashore. The water was warm and inviting and we spent the whole day playing in it. Our guests both had a siesta, Matt in the hammock and Max on the Paddle board (as he drifted off to sleep we kept a keen eye he wasn’t drifting away)

Early evening we made passage to San Remo. Matt & Max whipped around in the tender to take some shots of Silver Paws, Captain & I sailing in the same frame and the dolphins tallied with the idea.

It was late when we berthed so we whipped up a Mediterranean inspired selection of salads to accompany the bbq meat. Over our dimly lit spread sat in the cockpit we all collectively agreed it had been a fairly epic day. So we went out for Italian ice-cream to top it off. 

Charlie x 

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