43° 52.7' N 8° 1.2' E   Imperia, Italy 

We spent the morning in the sea, then made passage towards Imperia where our guests could catch a train back to Nice. Sad to say goodbye to our buddies we hit a lull. Even a fresh juice from a great find just outside the marina didn’t fill the hole of Matt and Max’s departure. Juice bar guy suggested a food festival 'around the corner'. So we went with it.

It was a longer walk than expected and the scenery left a lot to be admired. The Fiesta was interesting. It was certainly local. We ate for €4 each from the single biggest communal cooking pot have ever seen, got to watch belly dancers jiggling, watched some children riding a rainbow coloured mini-train on a loop, then with a stroke of genius caught Le Petit Train back to the marina. 

Charlie x