Monaco, Max & Matt

43° 43.755' N 7° 25.248' E   Monaco

*Epic Thank you goes to Max & Matt who are both legends, behind a lens and otherwise. x .

Arriving in Fontivielle port is a delight. The Oceangraphic Museum stands proud at the entrance, a magnificent building, then your led passed grand rock faces; dotted with plantlife, palace at the top and sparkling azure water at the bottom. 

With a few hours notice we got a call from mates who’d been working Cannes Lions and had 48 hours spare to play. Bloody brilliant! Before the train got in we managed to cycle the entire Formula One track, this was a priority for Captain, he's a fan (however I wouldn't recommend bothering with bikes in Monaco; it's small, hilly and busy. Little did I know I would be walking the entire track again in stilettos later that day...) and do a food shop, stocking Silver Paws up with hearty fresh food for our guests. 

It was so good to see friends! We introduced them to Silver Paws and shared recent tales, then headed to the Old Town, wandering its historic streets and taking in the views over Monaco on the east side and Fontivielle harbour on the west, looking down on Silver Paws. Matt treated us all to a pass inside the Oceanographic Museum. Worth a visit; not only because it is air conditioned. It is also informative, interactive and a grand beautiful building. Do not miss the view from the roof terrace. 

Monaco had to be done properly. So a quick shower and rare spruce-up later (I put on makeup and heels!) we had a mojito at Longines Showjumping World Tour, it was the final and the Monaco Royals were in attendance, gracing us with their presence and granting the awards. We strolled the waterfront and stargazed at the shiny super yachts, continuing past the Yacht Club de Monaco (Designed by Norman Foster, Captain can only dream of passing through the front doors) through the Formula One tunnel to Cafe de Paris for Steak Tartare and popped into the Monte Carlo Casino. 

It was Monaco after all. 

Charlie x