Golfo di Vetticio, Elba

42° 49.3' N 10° 16.2' E  Golfo di Vetticio, Isle of Elba, Italy

After the fuel charade we had a lovely sail (who needs fuel when you've got sails huh!) around the headland from Portoferraio to a bay called Golfo de Vetticio and anchored next to a plethora of other sailing boats. We could see one restaurant ashore but spent the entire afternoon in the sea. 

Hammocks up, snorkels out and books read. It was dreamy. 

Refuelled with roast Med vege quinoa, lemon chicken kebabs on the barbie and a few glasses of Sauvignon Blanc we were lulled from our boat by the dulcet tones of the italian's having a party. Mojito in hand, the party turned out to be the Med equivalent of a barn dance. Which all the locals knew the lines to. We tried valiantly to mirror the steps without stepping on anyones toes. One dance may have been one dance too many so we dropped out of step and hopped back on our sweet little chariot back to Silver Paws waiting patiently in the pitch black bay. 

Charlie x