Welcome to Costa Smeralda

41° 2'.0 N 09° 31'.5 E  Marina di Portisco, Sardinia

Welcome to the Costa Smeralda. This place has a rep. It's EXPENDO. The clues in the name, it'l cost'ya! We had to be choosy where we were holed up for the wicked winds to blow through for a predicted five days or so. We can't afford the MacDaddy of the marina's around here Porto Cervo, which I was quoted over the phone the princely sum of €320 big un's. For our wee boat. For one night. I'm good, thanks.

So we headed to Portisco for a night, a sweet accommodating little marina. 

We may have a window of opportunity to make it to one more destination before the wind flares. First thing tomorrow we'll make the call... 

Charlie x