See you later bricks and mortar…

We sold the house and bought a floating home of our very own to follow the winds, explore the sea’s, play. 

We are currently exploring the Mediterranean, Europe’s salt water gem. 

Welcome aboard, sailor! 


The Crew

Captain and I both have a huge love and respect for the ocean, so much so it’s now our home, so every effort is being made to preserve it. We eat fresh, using our resources wisely and live as chemical free as possible in order to reduce waste. Rather than a cycle of consumption we are aiming to live in a healthy, optimised and prosperous way. Ideally, I'd just like to live barefoot! 

The Journey

Ahoy there Sailor!

Feel free to hop aboard our journey around the Mediterranean Sea’s and follow our tales of trials and tribulations, they’ll be plenty of sailing, playing, exploring and adventure! 

The Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words and with so much to see we both appreciate a good snapshot! We're excited to share a few with you. Enjoy the escape and browse a picture or two…


Where we’ve been

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