Captain had already pursued a career in Architecture and embarked on his first personal building project when he met Charlie in 2010. With a healthy kick of Kiwi spirit and blinded by his 'baby blues', she joined in on the fun and with a determined dose of blood, sweat and a fair share of tears, five years and five fully renovated properties flew by! 

Having spent a chunk of that time living on building sites, designing and building their perfect family home,  it was a surprise to both of them that once it was finished they promptly put it on the market, sold it and…  brought a sailing boat. 

It had been a niggle of a dream they sometimes discussed, wanderer Charlie wanted to explore, Captain had outgrown his backpacking days so the consensus was to get hold of a floating 'nest' and set sail. 



Captain grew up on Jersey, a quaint little island which is often described as '90,000 alcoholics clinging to a rock'. Surrounded by stunning beaches, the vibe is a unique blend of surf and success, a balanced lifestyle with a cracking crew. 

He built his first boat in his garage at 14, a speed boat hull he remodelled by painting Canary yellow and plonking a two stroke engine on the stern, on its maiden voyage to the neighbouring island of Guernsey, it barely made it half way before it became clear that Captain and his 1st mate were taking on more sea than they could bail, got it back to the pontoon and in true teenage spirit 'left it til tomorrow' when they returned to find the tip of the hull poking out of the water. 'Supersonic' was no more. 

He got better at boats. He got better at design too and, alongside the property renovations, has worked as an Architectural designer since graduating university. 


A proud blend of Kiwi and British heritage Charlie was lucky enough to be raised in the playground of New Zealand.  With fairly nomadic parents and a best mate for a brother her childhood was spent exploring 'Aotearoa' whether it was by bike, ski, boat or on foot. 

After a bit of education and exploration, Charlie found herself in Jersey working for the local news broadcaster ITV Channel Television as a Weather presenter, fronting FeelUnique's television commercials, dabbling in magazines and knocking down walls, pushing wheelbarrows and sanding beams in her 'spare' time. 

With a penchant for Rowing, Mountain Biking and Bikram Yoga Charlie is proud of her rowing team of five strong (willed and otherwise) women who enthusiastically race the 'Jersey to Carteret, France' and 'Sark to Jersey' inter-island rowing races year on year, taking the winning ladies trophy in 2014! 


It's time to live on a boat….