41° 23'.3 N 09° 9'.8 E, Bonefacio, Corsica

The award for 'The prettiest entrance to a marina that ever was’ goes to Bonefacio.

Our crossing was a tad tedious, although only a couple of hours across the Bonefacio Strait the swell was uncomfortably larger than we anticipated and we crashed over three metre swells the whole way. We had our lifejackets and man overboard alarms on and clipped our safety harnesses on just to be sure. The sprayhood did the trick, deflecting most of the spray washing over the boat. 

As you approach the white cliffs of Bonefacio the Old town dangles precariously over the edge of the cliffs, mocking the sea below. Superyachts and kayakers alike poke their noses into the giant caves in the chalk rock. A red lighthouse guards the entrance and once past that little soldier you follow the channel through the chalk strata rock faces and azure blue water until, at the end you reach the marina and the little port town of Bonefacio. 

Told you it was pretty.

Restaurants and bars surround the bustling marina, if you can't sleep to the dulcet tones of 'Cheerleader' then you're out of luck. As far as our eardrums were concerned we might as well have been sleeping in the nightclub. 

The old town is up. Scurry between the tourist shops and cafes for outstanding sea views. It all feels a bit precarious. The Petanque court, occupied by locals having a beer with their boule, lives on the edge. I imagine Poseidon has been contemplating stealing it to the sea for centuries. 

I fell in love with a scandinavian beauty in the super yacht lineup, Gaia is a British built Spirit Yacht. I stood staring at her until I got hungry. 

Charlie x