St Tropez

43° 16'.2 N 06° 38'.0 E, St Tropez, France

St Tropez didn’t even wait a day to show off. Our first afternoon we were greeted with the single best entrance I’ve ever seen … and I’ve seen Beyonce in concert. 

In my usual Queen B style, I was doing the laundry. Captain was pottering. From a distance came a loud bass, the sea bounced to the rhythm. It grew louder. Bemused sailors emerged from their galleys. St Tropez halted in their Jimmy Choo’s. Rounding into the marina was a huge super yacht and on its bow were five very fit, track-suited, air-max booted, bling bling black dudes, all grooving away to a very provocative song. Ear muffs were placed over every child in town. It made my day. I have no idea who they were, basketball stars, rappers, hedge fund managers. Who cares. They had swagger.

I’ve changed my mind about being stealth rich. One day I wanna be ’shake the town, rapping on my bow, mudda F****** grinding’ rich!

We have stowaways! Captains folks are here. C&M flew in from Jersey and are joining us onboard for a few days. They came bearing gifts, Thai curry paste & Quinoa, both of which I struggle to get lately, an english Conde Nast Traveler for me, a Top Gear mag for Captain and copious amounts of wine, obviously. 

Over the next couple of days we climbed the citadel, walked the town, hugged ice, got spoilt in restaurants and drunk plenty of mojitos. It was hot, one afternoon we even motored around the corner to Pampelonne Beach just so we could swim in the sea and feel the warm salty breeze. C&M had brought us a gift wandering the streets of St Tropez, a stunning, turquoise Mario Luca Giusti jug, which we filled with cucumber, ice and Hendricks. It went down a treat. 

Woke up to the news that Jenson Button, holidaying down the road with his wife and friends, were knocked out with gas whilst they slept and robbed. A violation that made me feel sick to my stomach. Such a stain on a such a beauty spot. In fact St Tropez delighted me more than I thought it would. Whilst Cannes felt a bit try hard, St Tropez, though no less flashy, felt sincere. A modest fishing village with so much charm everyone wants to share in it. 

French markets are always a good idea. Grocery stalls, cheese, meat, bread and flowers abound even in the smallest of villages. Place de Lices market however is all this, and more. Vintage books, records, furniture and couture clothing; I stumbled across vintage Chanel and second hand Louis Vuitton Luggage. Its not a bargain, but it’s classic. 

With a couple more days with C&M and a decent weather forecast we set sail for Cavalaire Sur Mer… 

Charlie x