Pisa & her leaning tower

43° 40.7' N 10° 16.3' E   Pisa, Italy

Pisa marina is new and they are out to impress. The facilities are tidy, the staff are helpful and we have internet which works!

Yesterday we took a day off, planned a little and stayed out of the sun. It is relentlessly hot. 37 degrees.

Today we caught a bus 10km to explore Pisa. Pisa is old and it feels it. It also feels as distinguished as some of its better known citizens Leonardo Fibonacci, Galileo Galilei and Andrea Bocelli all made their mark on the world from around these parts. 

The iconic tower really does lean. More than one expects it too. It is built from beautiful white marble and both the tower and cathedral are gloriously good looking. A surprising amusement to our day was the full hour we spent watching the tourists posing in front of the tower. There was the finger press, the leg squat, the push-over, the lean back or my favourite of them all, the family force!

Everyone was having a rather enjoyable time posing on the grass, which you're not allowed on, until the polizia arrived with their whistles and disturbed the peace. 

Charlie x