Cassis & Port Miou

43° 12.81' N 05° 32.04' E, Cassis, France

The view is not the only thing to take your breathe away in Port Miou. The salt is always the first thing we hit after anchoring so Captain dove straight in and came up with this face...

It transpires the seawater here in the Calanque mixes with fresh water from remarkably chilly underground springs, giving the stunning clear green colour of the water and also allowing for an almighty shock if one is not expecting it!

We had a niggly time mooring here. Bow line goes to visitor mooring buoy and stern line goes to a shackle on the rock face. The visitor buoys were in the most beautiful setting but there was a steady current tugging, I hooked the buoy, flicked the bow line through and tied it on. Because all the yachts are lined up like sardines in a can you can't just let the boat swing naturally on its bow line so we threw a temporary stern line to the neighbouring German family, (massively helpful - Big ups) , whilst we tendered the stern line ashore to tie on. 


Neighbouring German family turned out not only to be helpful but also super inspiring. They spend their summers as a family of five living aboard their small sailing boat Solitaire. Their munchkins have been aboard since they were tiny, know the rules around the boat and wear a lifejacket at all times whilst on deck. It must be cozy down below deck but what an adventure to share with your children! 

The wines of Cassis are white and rose´ and not to be confused with creme de cassis which is speciality of Burgundy which takes its name from blackcurrants (Cassis) and not the town, although I am certain I am not the first to make this incorrect assumption. I can however recommend the Rose´!  

Oh my Rose´ days! Cassis is one sweet town. This enchanting fisherman port isn't huge, small enough to wander in a matter of hours and very pleasant indeed. The Petit Train circles about, the cobbled lanes are lined with Juliet balconies and blue shutters, Bestouan Beach buzzes and the whole place seems encapsulated in crystal clear blues and greens, which makes it the ideal gateway to Parc national des Calanques, so here we go...