Port Carmague

43° 31.27' N 04° 7.29' E, Carmague, France

We are trying to make as much lee-way along this coast as possible now. Fighting the Mistral we need to take as many hours moving forward as we can get otherwise Mr Mistral might just win the battle and we'll be stuck here for infinity and beyond. 

'Stuck' describes our port of call for the night in one neat little 1970's Retro package. It hasn't been touched and shouldn't be, ever again. It is a perfect time warped example of french late 60's early 70's tourism accommodation architecture and therefore is a brilliant in itself. 

They had a slightly different mooring set up here, rather than finger pontoons you reverse stern to pontoon then tie bow lines to posts either side. 


We didn't say for longer than a stroll to the marketplace for fresh produce and sleep, the marina staff were helpful and friendly, a traditional fishing boat carrying a brass band filled the marina with jazzy tones and the sunset swept the sky with purple ones!

Charlie x