Banyuls is a pretty little town and best of all, after the last few nights of kit-set 70's tourism, seems to be an actual real town where people reside, live and work. The colourful window shutters, the palm trees along the beach promenade, streets lined with Plane tree's and floodlit Boules competitions. It is summer however so they still have a chintzy fairground and DJ playing in the square ( 'I like to move it, move it' as sung by the crazy Lemur in Madagascar is reverberating around the harbour). 

We managed to stumble across a beaut find, propositioning itself as simply a wine shop from the street, Les9Caves is a converted warehouse with 9 winemakers on site. The staff's tipple recommendations were spot on. The sharing plates of cheese, charcuterie, terrine and bruschetta were well placed and the clientele were locals. I filled up my bike basket with local wine (the bilges can take it) inclusive of a bottle of 'Tam Tam' in preparation for a special Galley Slave due to arrive soon, and rode back to Silver Paws, pausing en route to cheer on the boules. 

Charlie x