The Mediterranean

43°31'.30"N 06°56'.64"W   Cannes, France

Silver Paws is on the truck being driven through the french countryside. Captain and I found a idyllic boutique hotel to lay our exhausted heads in Carteret before we left, Les Ormes, it was a little wasted on us as we were absolutely shattered but the decent shower and proper bed were appreciated and thankfully set us up for a full day of train travel the following day from Carteret in the north to Port de La Rague in the south. 12 hours of travel was made edgier worrying about the boat on the truck, but I’d never done the train journey through France from coast to coast and the landscape was rewarding. 

Arriving in Cannes before the boat gave us a day to explore without feeling like there was work to be done. Friends from Jersey were on holiday so we gatecrashed, they were waiting for us on Baoli Beach jetty with smiles and sunbeds. Awesomeness personified. 

We spent the whole afternoon lounging and laughing and it felt grand to be in the warmth of the mediterranean. I got a free ride on a jet boat around the bay; driver needed spotter, riders needed photographer. We dove into a massive fruit platter and sunk rum chocolate milkshakes. A great way to kick off our journey... Welcome to the Mediterranean!

Charlie x